6 thoughts on “Friday Spotlight: Chancellor Hyman

  1. Well, at least Harold Washington was represented by Edgar, I hope he was getting paid his Task Force wage of ten bucks an hour for having to sit under the T.V. lights and smile.

    But, serioulsy, at the five minute and forty second mark, the chancellor says something that doesn’t make any sense. That the student body is 50 percent African American and 50 percent Hispanic…I guess I never noticed the lack of diversity at CCC.

    Anyone want to try and explain?

    • I felt sorry for our Edgar. He probably had more to say. Oh, well.
      As for the Chancellor, maybe she was nervous? Idunno?

  2. Yeah, but then she went on to say how faculty and staff needs to represent the “constituents.” She is a P.R. person, why would she be nervous?

  3. Wow!
    Thank you Chancellor Hyman for portraying CCC in a positive light after all the depressing stats. thrown at us earlier.
    We need to be stroked to boost our morale but say it like you mean it.

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