Task Force Announcement Predictions (Finals Week Diversion)

Numbered among my many vices, I like to gamble–horses, dice, random events (e.g., # of silver cars vs. # of black cars that pass by while waiting for the bus), etc. I find it fun. So, my first thought, whenever I am waiting for just about anything is, “How can I turn this into a wager of some sort?”

I’m not talking about trying to make money, mind you–I just like to compete (and I especially like to win).

So, here we are. Waiting for an announcement about the make-up of the Task Forces. Waiting. Surely any day now the people over at 226 West Jackson will make public what the administrators and participants and various people around the colleges already (partially) know–namely, who will be on the task forces. Surely it will happen any day. Maybe any minute.

So what is a degenerate to do, but set up a “contest” of sorts? Now the last two major contests we’ve had (here and here (or if that doesn’t work here)) have both been won by me, which both gratified and disappointed me. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m tired of winning my own contests, and so I shall not be competing this time. There is no cost to enter, but the prize is unimpressive. The glory, though, is eternal. At least in your own mind.

So, the question is this: when will the announcement about the makeup of the task forces occur? Post your prediction for the date AND time in the comments and you will make yourself eligible for a MAJOR (albeit unimpressive) prize.

We will play by the Price Is Right Rules (“Closest to the actual number, without going over”) so if you have the right date, but you choose a minute too late, you LOSE. Why? Because I love the Price is Right, that’s why, and it’s my contest. Also, though I have no idea why Bob Barker was such a zealot about spaying and neutering, I like that he was a public advocate for a cause he believed in; it probably did a lot of good.

I may award bonus points to anyone for naming their favorite Price Is Right Game. I liked the Yodeling Mountain Climber. I don’t remember the rules of the game, or anything about it except the Yodeling. Yodeling has always made me giggle. I wish I could Yodel.

11 thoughts on “Task Force Announcement Predictions (Finals Week Diversion)

  1. I’m in. Here’s my guess Bob, err, PhiloDave:
    [faculty cheering in the background]
    January 10, 2011 @ 9:03am (via email)

    Do I get some kinda’ bonus points or recognition for havin’ a spayed pet?

    I can’t remember a favorite game but put the papers down for three minutes and take a look at this entertaining clip:

  2. A tie between the elegant chaos of Plinko and the raw violence of Punch a Bunch; the tie breaker is that only Plinko and Cliff Hangers have their own Wikipedia entry.

    My guess is December 17 at 3:45 pm. At that time, the black smoke from atop the chimney high above Jackson Blvd will fade to white, signifying the conclave has come to an agreement. The throngs of faculty gathering outside will welcome the beginning of Reinvention with cheers of “U! U! U!”.

    There will also be an email.

    • +3 to you, Alchemist. Impressive methodology and style. Also, I liked the costumes and the music has a good beat.

  3. This one is easy. The best game was Barker showing off his short game, the crowd cheered hard for that.

    District will probably mention their “task force” members on January 14, at two thirty. Right after they have trained everyone, including the “task force” students, tutors, and peer mentors that week.

    I think.

    • +1, Heirapparent. I always liked when he putted, too. I wonder what his lifetime percentage was. I also wonder if he had a handicap. And whether he ever buried his putter (or wanted to) in somebody else’s noggin for some crack about his show while he was out playing not because it made him angry, but just because he was so sick of hearing the same jokes over and over. I mean, how many times do you think he had to endure someone yelling, “Come on down…!!” as they drained a putt to win a skin? If I played with him, he’d have heard it EVERY TIME.

      And for that, he probably would have “Happy Gilmore”d me.

  4. I have a special place in my heart for Plinko; it’s magical, hypnotizing and unpredictable, the most exciting 3 minutes in show business. I always wanted to try it. Also, my dog is spayed so Bob would approve. As for my prediction, using my sexy math skills developed by watching Price is Right for years I’d have to say that the announcement will come Jan. 12 at noon.

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