The last Tuesday Teaching Question(s) of 2010 (I think.)

OOPS, this should have gone up at 11:59 last night.  I had it scheduled for 11:59 tonight, giving people only one minute on Tuesday for the Tuesday teaching question.  Sorry for the delay.

The end is here.  The multicolored pen business is booming as we in the education business (ha, according to who?) do our business so we can enjoy a much earned vacation (if such a thing is truly possible).  I figured I’d keep it incredibly practical and low level this week in order to respect the cognitive demands of grading.  Here goes.  The even-numbered questions are slightly meatier than the odd-numbered ones.  In fact, the one that is divisible by 3 and even (i.e. divisible by 6) is likely the meatiest of them all (and my original TTQ idea).

1. Are you procrastinating from grading right now?

11. Do you have a red pen to lend me?

24. Since it’s likely that many students won’t come back to collect their final work from you (assuming it hasn’t happened already)…

a) What do you do with you students’ work?

b) Are you as careful “marking their work up” knowing that they will likely never see it?

40. Do you use a percent based grade weighting scale or points?  Why?

115. Would you be more likely to grade in room 1046 if there was music playing?

Let’s see if we can get more than 2 responses this week.  Thanks for reading.  Good luck in this final week.

2 thoughts on “The last Tuesday Teaching Question(s) of 2010 (I think.)

  1. 1. YES!
    11. I don’t use red pens.
    24a. I try to distribute all student work during the last class session. I used Bb for the final assignment to avoid this problem.
    24b. Yes, but I mumble about the student’s commitment (and my pedagogy) as I grade.
    40. Grade is based on EARNED points. I tell them it’s like a batting average. Total points earned/Total points
    I try to avoid a quarterback ratings system (the NFL is still shaky on this one).
    115. Possibly. Depends what’s playing.

    There’s your two responses. I believe grading got in the way of more peeps replying. Thanks for asking!

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