Highlights from the Board Report–December

Highlights from the Board Report is a monthly regular feature that highlights what one person finds to be important from the most recent Board Report. We read it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

The December Board Report is up, and there is good news (of a sort) and bad news in this one…

~First, the worst: former Dean and all around awesome woman Anna Blum will be punching her last clock as of January 1, 2011. Be sure you say goodbye before you take off for your break. The college will be a little less sunny without her.

~Next, in the Bittersweet category–Dennis Macklin, Ingrid Yonnata, and Leslie Villasenor all got moved around to new work locations (bad), but, remain working for the City Colleges (good!).

~In other news, we got a new Vice Chancellor of Human Resources ($120,000), an Assistant to a Vice Chancellor of Client Services and Student Engagement ($51,500), an Associate Director of Legislative Affairs ($90,000), an Executive Director of Internal Auditing ($104,700), a District Director of Student Engagement ($95,000), an Executive Director of Communications ($125,000), an Assistant Director of Grants and Contracts ($70,694), and another new investigator ($70,000). Some of those were replacements and undeniably necessary (e.g., VC of HR), and I’m sure they’re all good people. Still, in these times of austerity they had$516, 894 to spend on hiring District personnel JUST THIS MONTH, and that’s despite the fact that I didn’t even include the money for the VC of HR since that is so cruicial. And, frankly, (and worse)that’s probably down from the hiring orgy of August and September.

(Meanwhile, since June, the City Colleges of Chicago have hired exactly six new faculty members across all seven city colleges at a cost of $363, 118– Nursing faculty at Malcolm X in October $66,421; a Criminal Justice instructor at Daley for $55, 779 and a Biology person at Wright for $59, 548 in September; a Bio prof  ($51,258) and a Math instructor ($56,857), both at Malcolm, both in August; and a Biology faculty member ($73, 255) at Olive Harvey in July. In other words, the City Colleges of Chicago spent more to hire District Administrators in December alone than they’ve spent to hire new faculty over the last six months across all seven Colleges, by a lot. If I include the VC of HR, then they spent 75% more on administrators in December than they did on Faculty in the last six months. And Daley College still doesn’t have a history professor on their full time faculty, a point raised at DWFDW, if I’m remembering correctly. Oh, right; I forgot–there’s a freeze on hiring new faculty. Times are tight. Tighter for some than others, I guess.)

~There’s a new marketing plan. With it, among other goals, they aim to  “increase awareness of CCC as a post-secondary education option for perspective students.” (Insert Joke Here)

~Lots of people did lots of things.

~FC4 President, Ellen Eason Montgomery addressed the Board and thanked everybody.




10 thoughts on “Highlights from the Board Report–December

  1. “increase awareness of CCC as a post-secondary education option for perspective students”

    – So we’re hoping to recruit more art students?

      • Sweet! New Joke thread!!

        Yes it is. Sometimes I type Silly when I mean Smart; they both have five letters and start with S, after all…


        Yes it is, unless you know what those two words mean.


        Yes it is, unless you a stickler about “accuracy.”

          • You all missed the point: This is reinvention at its philosophical best. It means that CCC will dedicate itself to a new educational philosophy based on PERSPECTIVISM. And for all you who ignore what this is, let me quote:
            “Perspectivism says that there can be radically different and incommensurable conceptual schemes (ultimate ways of looking at the world) or perspectives, one of which we must (consciously or unconsciously) adopt, but none of which is more correct than its rivals.”
            The next recruiting drive will focus on students who follow Nietzsche, Sapir, Ortega y Gasset, and my favorite Kuhn. All other students will be relegated to expensive 4 year colleges. (That’ll teach them!)

            And for those who criticized CCC for spending tons of money on hiring administrators, well, that’s YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

        • I think it’s great. If I were to sum up this marketing plan in one word, I would choose “strategery”.

  2. 1.So what exactly is the job description of an investigator?
    What do they investigate? errors,cases,students,employees?
    Do they have a forensics background?

    2.How many total VC and AVC does CCC need to increase graduation rates?
    How many faculty and college advisers does it take to increase graduation rates?
    Here are some perspectives to ponder while we marinate in reinvention.
    I like reinquestion it sounds so academic!

    • All the names are good.
      Time to go after some answers.
      I say we smuggle a faculty member into reinvention headquarters or at least leave task force members with this charge.

  3. 1.So what exactly is the job description of an investigator?
    What do they investigate? errors,cases,students,employees?
    Do they have a forensics background?

    I think it’s pretty obvious that the investigators’ primary duty is to crack The Case of Excessive Spending at District. I have total confidence that this case, one that has flummoxed the best of us for years, will be solved quickly and any wrongdoers will be brought to justice swiftly.

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