ReinQuestion?–Vol. 2

ReinQuestion? appears every Thursday and is an open thread for members of the HW and CCC community to post questions about the ongoing Reinvention. Any and all questions are invited, and anyone who knows an answer to any question posted is encouraged to answer it in the threads below.

CAVEAT: Just to be completely clear from the get go: The Harold Lounge is not, nor do we claim or hope to be,an OFFICIAL source of news or information about “Reinvention.” President Metoyer has advised (rightly so, I think) that the official Web site of the “Reinvention” is the place for the official word on the process, that the official email address for questions and concerns ( is available and active, and that the Lounge and its format can lend itself to the (unintentional) spreading of unsubstantiated rumor and misinformation (it’s true), in addition to things that are true, and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

So, keeping all of that in mind and with the understanding that, so far at least, information about the questions that faculty have had about the “Reinvention” has been mostly either, umm…sparse or a little less specific than we’d maybe wish, we’re going to act respectfully against the advice of our President and keep this space open for questions we might have of each other, for our local administration, and/or about “Reinvention” that either aren’t or can’t be answered through the official processes. Please be sure to submit your questions by Sunday night to give us a chance to pose them and John/Reinventors the chance to answer them (if possible). Any questions submitted later than that may be held until the following week. Fair warning.

In Volume 1, two questions were posed, which have since been (partly) answered by President Metoyer:

1) Who will be on the taskforce teams?

In his email on January 5th, our Queso Grande stated the following HWC people would be a part of the following Task Forces:

~Lynnel Kiely                         Faculty      Faculty & Staff Development
~Floyd Bednarz                     Faculty      Program Portfolio
~Anita Kelley                         Faculty      Program Portfolio
~Roberta Bole                        Faculty      Student Support
~Theresa Carlton                 Faculty      Remediation
~Steven Seidman                  Faculty      Operational Excellence
~Georgina Bravo-Segura   Staff           Program Portfolio
~Kim Bowens                          Staff           Student Support
~Ewa Bejnarowicz                 Staff          Technology
~Irene Castaneda                  Staff           Faculty & Staff Development
~Edgar Gonzalez                   Student      Faculty & Staff Development
~Jared Klaeysen                    Student     Remediation

To date, there has not been an announcement about the full membership of the various task forces, but I wonder if we could put one together, assuming that the other Presidents have announced their own colleges’ participants. (Until all of the Task Force Memberships have been announced, I will be unable to name a winner to our contest, just in case you were wondering.)
2) Are any adjuncts going to be involved in the task force? If so, will they be paid and how?

The list above makes clear that the answer to the first question is “Yes;” the answer to the second came in an email John sent in response to Rosie’s asking of the question: “How they will be paid has been established through memorandums of understanding between their respective unions and CCC administrative personnel.”

So, now that those are settled, what else have you got?

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