Should Financial Literacy Be Part of Our Curriculum?

At Champlain College it is. What about us? Check this out:

An education is one of the best defenses against financial flimflam, but many students never learn the things that help. Only a handful of states require schools to teach basic personal finance, and it’s often of the old-fashioned, balancing-the-checkbook variety. Also, it tends to come at a stage in life when students are years away from putting the knowledge to practical use.

So I was heartened to hear about Champlain College here, which recently started requiring all undergraduates to attend two sessions in financial literacy.

Where should it be? Everywhere? Nowhere?

One thought on “Should Financial Literacy Be Part of Our Curriculum?

  1. After reading the article, it appears that we edumacators could use financial literacy as a means to build critical thinking skills. Why not? I could have used some of this information during my freshman year in college.

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