Think, Know, Prove–Initial Recommendations

So, you read them, right? The Initial Recommendations on Registration?

They reminded me quite a bit of some (most) of the recommendations that your beloved Faculty Council made in a meeting with our local administration (here’s a list of just a few–not even including the nifty new checklist that we suggested and our Registrar/Student Services people put together for students).

So, what do you make of “just a few” of the Task Force’s Initial Recommendations? Are you dazzled that they came up with the same recommendations in just one day that it took we faculty years of observation and experience to come up with? (Must have been the Flip Cameras!) Are you underwhelmed by the lack of specificity in them (Easy there–note the word “initial!”)? Do you have any more that you’d like to add to the conversation?

What do you think? What do you know? What can you prove?

2 thoughts on “Think, Know, Prove–Initial Recommendations

  1. Think: It is initial, as you’ve stated PhiloDave and I do hope that they will elaborate on this bullet point: “Increasing the presence of trained registration staff” Will they hire more staff? Will they “train” more staff to bring into the fold? Will faculty be brought into this mix?

    Know and Prove:I know that I’ve tried to leave this same comment on the Reinvention blog but I am unable to do so unless I select a profile. If I’m missing somethin’ let me know. Try it. Here’s the link:

    BTW, the Cahncelor and Reinvetion team are tweeting. Might be worth your time y’all to get a Twitter account to follow along (if you ain’t gots one already).

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