Next Up!

Next up! is a regular feature on Sundays, showcasing HWC (and beyond) events in the coming week. If you have an event that you’d like to publicize, send me the date, name, place and time by 5pm on the Friday before, and I’ll do my best to get it in there. Use the “Comments” section to provide updates and additions!

UPDATED: Now with Saturdays (sorry Carrie)!!

Welcome back to week 1 of the spring term everybody!

Monday, 1/17: School is closed for Martin Luther King’s Birthday Observation

Tuesday, 1/18: Happy first day of T/Th classes!

Wednesday, 1/19: Happy first day of M/W classes!

Thursday, 1/20: Happy second day of T/Th classes!

Friday, 1/21: Happy first day of F only classes!

Saturday, 1/22: Happy first day of S only classes!

7 thoughts on “Next Up!

  1. Hey, how ’bout some love for the first day of Saturday classes?! We are always the forgotten ones…

  2. Carrie, I gots love for you and all the other hard workin’ Friday and Saturday peeps. Been there, done that.

    Just how many Saturday classes do we offer? With this talk of ‘not enough classroom space for our growin’ enrollment’, I’m surprised we’re not as busy on Friday and Saturday as we are the rest of the week (excluding Sunday).

  3. This semester in Child Development, we are offering 7 sections on Saturday morning and afternoon. This is typical for our program, and most of those Saturday sections are taught by adjuncts after a full week of working their “real” job.

    I have taught on Saturdays for most of the 8 years I’ve been teaching here. I love the students. They are the most motivated students I meet. I also really enjoy working with our group of adjunct faculty. They help me to stay in touch with current trends in the field of Early Childhood Education, particularly in the city of Chicago.

    I’m amazed at the dedication and just all-around pleasantness of students, faculty, and staff who are on campus on Saturdays.

    Sometimes I feel like the little Whos from “Horton Hears a Who” and I need to shout “We are Here!” to anyone who will listen.

    Perhaps that will change as you have suggested – if there is a need for more sections, why not offer more classes on Friday and Saturday? My only concern is that if we have more folks on campus on the weekend, please provide more services during the hours they are there. They should get the same amount of services as our Mon-Fri students.

  4. Carrie, you are right about the services including weekend students since many of them are working all week and therefore have to take weekend classes I think they should be treated the same as our M-Th. students.
    Doing weekend cohorts for working students for certain programs might provide these motivated students with the peer support that might help them graduate sooner than later.
    Programs in hotel management marketed to the hotel industry,Accounting, or other similar certificate programs might be a niche we could use effectively.The building is open and the environment is a lot more peaceful, we just need services. It would also be nice to have a mix of adjunct and full time so that the adjuncts feel more connected to the institution and the FT faculty can learn from them and keep them in the loop with college business.

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