ReinQuestion?–Vol. 4

ReinQuestion? appears every Thursday and is an open thread for members of the HW and CCC community to post questions about the ongoing Reinvention. Any and all questions are invited, and anyone who knows an answer to any question posted is encouraged to answer it in the threads below.

A flurry of questions arrived on our proverbial doorstep last week:

#1 Jen asked whether the Reinvention Teams had gone Radio Silent (and her question was generously answered by “A Voice from Reinvention”)

#2 Heirapparent asked: “What now?”

#3 Realist asked a quintuple header: “A) What is our relationship with the Reinvention Team (RT)? B) Does a member of the RT contact our local president? C) Does our district-wide president communicate with the RT? D) If RT has not contacted FC, do we plan on getting in touch with them? E) Am I being too idealistic or does it make sense to have this relationship in place?”

Taking #2 and #3 together as really being after the same sort of information, I have to beg the patience of both Heirapparent and the Realist until we (Faculty Council) have a chance to talk through the questions and a few possibilities at our meeting next Tuesday (3:30pm, rm 1046).

And of course any and all suggestions, answers, or solutions are welcome in the comments along with any additional questions.

3 thoughts on “ReinQuestion?–Vol. 4

  1. Heard last week- Cecilia Lopez has called a meeting to discuss English developmental courses. As I understand it and as heard on the block, the task force which is directly studying these issues was not included, not asked and have/had nothing to do with Cecilia’s meeting. Under review would be Integrated Communication courses and Exit Testing.

    My question, will Cecilia make unilateral decisions regarding curriculum, will the task force have any role in curriculum decisions and if not, what is the point?

    • We can always do better, Realist. Thanks for the questions. I think we’ll have some answers for you soon.

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