Monday Mysteries

#1) With a possible blizzard on the way for Tuesday, I’m left wondering why has the HW Weather Station, apparently stopped working, anyway? Hold on a minute! Super Mike D has flown in from District to save the day! It’s working again (kind of)!! And just in time…

#2) What happened to “Districtsnotthebossofme“? Where did it go and why?

#3) What’s up with the Truman Lounge, anyway?

#4) Why is it that the seven colleges’ graduation practice is being changed without so much as a glimmer toward a justification, other than the Chancellor’s (unexplained) excitement about holding a single, combined graduation? Why should we be excited about that, again? Why is it better?

3 thoughts on “Monday Mysteries

  1. Regarding item #1, are you trying to suggest that the current temperature is NOT 49.1 degrees?

    • Exactly that; also, though my office doesn’t have a window, I’m pretty sure that we have not had 33 inches of rain this year.

      Could be wrong on that, though.

  2. Regarding item #2, the only semi-logical (is there such logic PhiloDave?) conclusion I can reach is that District IS the Boss of Districtsnotthebossofme. Seriously, why else would the site go inactive? Can anypeep think of a reason why the existing posts have been removed? Y’all know my email.
    Based on what I do not know, and can only ignorantly conclude: The boss 1, The blogger 0
    This concerns me.

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