What Up?

So, other than shoveling and hanging out in your snow fort, what are you up to this weekend? There’s the Super Bowl of course (anybody planning to join the cheddar heads at Will’s?), but there’s also the Spring Flower Show and first “Sweet Saturday” at Garfield Park Conservatory (one of my favorite places in the city), and free music at the Chicago Cultural Center tomorrow (one of the shows in the “Music Without Borders” Concert Series. (Actually, they have music all the time there: Classical Mondays, Jazz/Blues Tuesdays, Fancy Stuff on Wednesdays, and open Jazz Jams on Wednesday nights, along with World Music on Fridays, and more. All FREE!)

Or maybe you’re going to stay in and make your plans for next week’s 51st annual U of C Folk Festival?

What’s your story? What’s happening out there?


3 thoughts on “What Up?

  1. After this break, trying to refocus on academics (are we doing registration on Monday?), enjoying the snow, thinking about the folks who were “stuck” on LSD and what I would have done, and…
    getting tomorrow’s poll ready.

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