So Great, I Was Driven to Despair

Sometimes, particularly when standing in book stores, I get really depressed about all of the great things that I will not be able to ever enjoy for a simple lack of time.

This list of the fifty best Humanities related blogs, while awesome, rendered me miserable after two hours of poking around in them. I want to read them all, just about, every day. Not going to happen.

Still, maybe you’ll find a few that you can track now and then.


3 thoughts on “So Great, I Was Driven to Despair

  1. I made my first trip since summer to Hyde Park’s Seminary Co-Op Bookstore, and had a similar feeling. Even though the only sections I visited were the Philosophy and History of Science sections, I was astounded by all the new titles, and important books in subjects that I have only recently become interested in. I reflected on how much I actually read, and felt the stabbing pain of knowing that no matter how hard I try, the gap between what I have read and what I want to read will only grow larger and larger.

    To make it worse, I left about half my back account at the bookstore, too!

    • I have that same experience every time I go in that place (the first part, that is). Kills me.

      • Ditto with other book stores AND public libraries (or libaries, however you pronounce it).
        I check out more books than I can read, thinking the power of cognitive osmosis will finally work if I just hold the book up to my head.

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