No More Snow Days, Grumps Editorial

From Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Snow days highlight the possibilities, and the ways 21st century education is still tied to a 20th century model. Ohio’s Mississinawa Valley school system near Dayton has replaced snow days with “e-days,” during which some online learning is required. For the largely rural district, the move was a necessity. The state lowered from five to three the number of days districts could lose without sacrificing state aid.

Check out the rest, here, then agree or disagree.

One thought on “No More Snow Days, Grumps Editorial

  1. Learning tied to state mandates, which is tied to state funding.
    Sorry, that’s what I read between the lines.
    Apparently if we are left to our own, we wouldn’t do much learning. It takes money (extrinsic reward) to get us to better ourselves (intrinsic reward)?
    Where’s Alfie Kohn?

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