What Up?

It’s Thursday afternoon, which means that week 4 is drawing to a close, and we are (nearly) halfway to the halfway point of the semester.

Anybody going to see Morris Dees, co founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, out at Elmhurst College? Or maybe going to Garfield Park Conservatory for Sweet Saturday (I went last week–it was great, especially for kids; lots of activities)? Or maybe getting in the mood for Valentine’s Day with a trip to the theater?

What’s going on out there?

2 thoughts on “What Up?

  1. If you go to see Morris Dees, ask him why he has NEVER hired a person of color to a highly paid position of power at the SPLC?


    Dees writes in his autobiography, “A Season for Justice” that he once served as “Youth Coordinator” for Gov. George “Segregation Forever!!” Wallace, and that he was a highly paid Klan lawyer in the 60s, but come on…

    The SPLC turns 40 this year and its Executive Suite is just as lily-white as it was on Day One.

    Some things never change in Montgomery, I guess.

    • Good question, and surprising. I hope someone goes and asks. Maybe you?

      Nonetheless, whatever else is true about the SPLC, they do an impressive job of tracking and publicizing supremacist groups and activities and their “Teaching Tolerance” stuff is great.

      (I think I’ll be saving my trip to Elmhurst for Sebastian Junger (he’s there on the 20th, talking about Restropo and the book it’s based on).

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