Whaddya Know? Assessment Committee Podcast (2)

Whaddya Know? is a regularly featured podcast conversation with the Chair of the HW Assessment Committee highlighting recent assessment activities, results, and consequent recommendations of the college’s hardest working committee. It appears every Friday afternoon (unless there is a blizzard).

Well, let’s try this again, shall we? And this time without the giggling and without the 20 inches of snow. All assessment all the time this week. Please post any questions you have (or would like addressed in future installments.

This week Mike talks about the Quantitative Reasoning report (including a teaser or two), the Lumina Foundation’s National Degree Outcomes Proposal, and a new report from ICCB with some really interesting information about student goals. Enjoy!

Oh, and the themes song is “Journey to the Center of Your Mind” by The Ramones (from Acid Eater).

One thought on “Whaddya Know? Assessment Committee Podcast (2)

  1. Wonderful report. Wow, a person comes forth and states that a hypothesis may be wrong. Very humbling.

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