Year in review: Lounge-iversary style

Alrighty peeps,

I was going to sift through the mounds of “cognitive surplus” (thanks Carrie!) to determine which post received the most views and which one had the most replies. However, due to time constraints, I will simply modify this post and ask the following:

Over the past year that you’ve visited The Lounge, what was the best post for you? Maybe you don’t gots a best post, so what was the best reply you read? Which post had the most profound influence (positive or negative)?

Heck, who’s been your most favoritist author? (OK, maybe PhiloDave wins that one by default (not just ’cause he’s got the most posts (therefore the most replies), and he is THE author of The Lounge) because he’s best at embeding parenthesis in his posts (don’t even know if I spelled that right (just adding one more to show you how this ain’t easy (now I gotta count (where are those math folks when you need ’em))).

In any case, ya know what I mean, so go ahead and be reflective. Give it some thought.

Yes, you can create your own category too.

One thought on “Year in review: Lounge-iversary style

  1. Nice one, Realist. You made me want to look up some stuff. An assessment of the Lounge by the data! Assessment!! Data!!! BENCHMARK!!!

    And nice work on the parentheses; you’re better at closing them up than I am.

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