Who put the U in Union?

Curiosity killed the cat, but it gots me some information I’d like to share. Picking up on last week’s craving for union news, I found the following on our Local 1600 website:

1. Per PhiloDave’s comments, in the category of Endorsements, I was left scratchin’ my head wonderin’ why there wasn’t a mayoral endorsement. Not sure why the “Endorsement Squads” didn’t have a more complete list. We had more than enough time to reach a consensus, right? Oh well, too late now…

2. In the category of Executive Board Meeting news, I continued to scratch my head (right around my ear) wonderin’ how the following news didn’t make it downhill like an out of control snowball in the middle of a February snowstorm:

“…chapter leaders announced that they would be retiring from office at the Feb. 18 meeting: Phil Stucky at Harold Washington Chapter, Maria Estrada to accept the leadership…”

I have nothin’ but love for our current union reps, but can someone ‘xplain to me if the above is proper union protocol?

Remind me again, are we having union elections this semester, or am I still on that LSD blizzard-bound bus to nowhere?

5 thoughts on “Who put the U in Union?

  1. I don’t know about #2 or why it was done, but I CAN say that there is a Union election post coming up sometime in the next couple of days, depending on if my author can gather her thoughts together satisfactorily.

    There will be an election for our local Chapter leadership, and I understand that there is a deadline of some sort coming up on March 1st. More info when I have it (or someone adds it below)…

  2. There is definitely a union election, and the deadline for slates for HWC Chapter Officers is March 1st. This was announced at the union meeting of Feb. 15th.

    • Thank you, MathArt.

      Can you elaborate a bit on what is involved in forming a candidacy or slate of candidates? What is the deadline for? An application? A declaration? And in both cases to whom, etc.

      I know of one person who will be an independent candidate for an office, and I know of one Slate of candidates, but there might be more people who would be interested in running if they knew what to do.

      Just to be clear, I ask NOT out of opposition to the declared slate, but only in the interests of the uninformed who, like me, may not have been available for the last union meeting.


      PS: If you’d like to write up a post on all this–the details of the election, the importance, etc., I’m sure we’d all be obliged and I can help with any technical issues…

  3. I agree Philo! This totally sounds a little off to me also. How has our union turned into an institution convinced everything is a conspiracy theory and a little shady on the logistics i.e. election of officials?

    This past week to see Wisconsin unions in full swing has been refreshing. It was inspiring to see closed shop teachers bringing their kids to the protest to teach them about democracy and other family members comen’ out to show their support. I think we should all follow in the steps from the land of the Foz.

    Some little know facts about the cheeseheads to the north. Wisconsin unions developed the first unemployment compensation law, and workmans compensation, life or limb!!! And as Loverboy has so eloquently put it I too am worken’ for the weekend. This also brought to you from the world of Pac Attack (old school Packer speak)!

    I feel as though there is so much potential from our union but the motivations are misguided.

  4. I was able to attend one meeting last semester. Since then, I’ve not been in attendance due to my teaching schedule and I have not heard much from our local leadership. If not for this posting and the replies, I would not know much.
    This was, and continues to be my concern (and criticism) of our union – the need for more communication.

    So there will be an election, and there is (or will be?) a slate of candidates? Again, for those of us who could not be in attendance at the last meeting, how do we now find out about the proceedings? Let’s talk, leadership!

    There’s no need for me to repeat the questions that have been posted, but it would be nice to get some answers before an official list of candidates appears.

    If the union can get a flyer in my mailbox announcing meeting times and dates, maybe the union can make time to type up some meeting notes and distribute those too. I volunteer to do be the mailman.

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