Website Wednesday

Website Wednesday is a regular feature in which we highlight one (or a couple) of sites from the Billions floating around the Intertoobz that just might help you with your Herculean task of educating inquiring minds. Any and all suggestions for future editions are welcome.

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Faculty Council hosted focus group on Professional Development with Franklin and Alicia from the Development Task Force, which got me thinking about various things I want to learn and this list that I stumbled on a few weeks ago. It’s not just one Web site this week, people; it’s 12 dozen. That’s right…144 sites, compiled by a blogger for a list of places to go to self educate.

The blog where this post resides, “Marc and Angel Hack Life,” might be a legitimately helpful destination in its own right for a lot of people. They do lists there (with links!). Things like this or this or this.

Lots of resources here to explore. And they might even take requests!


4 thoughts on “Website Wednesday

  1. So was you surfin’ and bloggin’ while attending the focus group? HA!

    “We don’t learn anything we don’t want to learn.” I COMPLETELY agree with that statement! Glad to see MIT OpenCourseWare on the list. Great resource.

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