Whaddya Know? Assessment Committee Podcast (3)


Whaddya Know? is a bi-weekly, featured podcast conversation with the Chair of the HW Assessment Committee highlighting recent assessment activities, results, and consequent recommendations of the college’s hardest working committee. It appears every other Friday afternoon.

Today’s topic is Faculty Motivation.

I have much more to say about all this, and probably will in a long rambling rant sometime this weekend or next, but I raise it here because the motivations of the public sector union members have been somewhat on trial this week in the court of public opinion, with all signs pointing to more and increasing scrutiny and criticism of public workers in the near future (read this for a harrowing preview).


2 thoughts on “Whaddya Know? Assessment Committee Podcast (3)

  1. “Leaders of the teachers’ union, meanwhile, are apoplectic about Christie’s proposed changes to their pension plan, which they say will penalize educators for the irresponsibility of politicians. After all, they point out, it wasn’t the unions who chose not to fund the pension year in and year out, and yet it’s their members who will have to recalibrate their retirements if the benefits are cut.

    When I made this same point to Christie, he simply shook his head.”


    Yes, folks, let’s fasten our seat belts.

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