How Was the Rally?

Did you go?

Post your stories and/or links to your Tumblr (or whatever) for photos.

And if you didn’t go, consider reading this fascinating piece from Forbes Magazine called, “The Wisconsin Lie Exposed” (or this one which is the inspiration for the Forbes article) and support the Wisconsin teachers by spreading the word about the Wisconsin teachers and their pensions:

Many of us are familiar with the concept of deferred compensation from reading about the latest multi-million dollar deal with some professional athlete. As a means of allowing their ball club to have enough money to operate, lowering their own tax obligations and for other benefits, ball players often defer payment of  money they are to be paid to a later date. In the meantime, that money is invested for the ball player’s benefit and then paid over at the time and in the manner agreed to in the contract between the parties.

Does anyone believe that, in the case of the ball player, the deferred money belongs to the club owner rather than the ball player? Is the owner simply providing this money to the athlete as some sort of gift? Of course not. The money is salary to be paid to the ball player, deferred for receipt at a later date.

A review of the state’s collective bargaining agreements – many of which are available for review at the Wisconsin Office of State Employees web site – bears out that it is no different for state employees. The numbers are just lower.

In other words:

They are not, in fact, asking state employees to make a larger contribution to their pension and benefits programs as that would not be possible- the employees are already paying 100% of the contributions.

What they are actually asking is that the employees take a pay cut.

Read the rest, and then spend a few minutes lamenting the state of modern journalism (or should it be lauding the non-mainstream media?) by watching a prescient clip about modern journalism from a movie that should have won a boat load of Oscars (7 nominations, zero wins) called Broadcast News. The important part starts at about 1:35.

6 thoughts on “How Was the Rally?

  1. “I’m semi-serious here…bit, by little bit, lower our standards where they’re important, just a tiny little bit, just coax along flash over substance…just a tiny little bit…”

    Fantastic. I’ve always appreciated the calculated and important dialogue in movies. They’re like hidden treasures of wisdom. Writers don’t get enough credit.

  2. I attended.

    Signs that caught my eye:



    Most politically astute: ‘HEY, OBAMA, DO YOU WANT TO BORROW MY SHOES?

  3. I was at the Chicago site. The events went on about an hour. Durbin was present and interviewed but did not address the crowd. The footage should be out tonight. Harmon spoke at the rally, he was very supportive of unions and Wisco workers.

    Greatest slogan? The winner is Union busting is disgusting!

    However, the CTU AFT gals really stole the show after the rally broke up with their awesome chant response Tell me what democracy looks like!
    This is what democracy looks like!

    The funniest part? Apparently there were two conflicting marches going on at the same time. The pro-choice demonstrators stopped marching and joined the Wisco sympathy rally. 20 minutes later? so did the pro-lifers. That just proves…..unions are for everyone.

    Gotta say, there were so many people I didn’t find too many people I knew.

  4. From the New York City rally in support of Wisconsin:

    “This is an INTERVENTION! Scott Walker, let’s talk about your
    Koch habit.”

    In Wisconsin: “Gov. Walker: Kick the Koch Habit.”

    All the President’s Men: “Deep Throat: No, I have to do this my way. You tell me what you know, and I’ll confirm. I’ll keep you in the right direction if I can, but that’s all. Just… follow the money.”

  5. “If the Wisconsin plan to kill the public employees’ unions succeeds, then there will be little union money in the future to support democratic candidates. Conservatives will be effectively unopposed in raising campaign funding in most elections, including the presidential elections. This will mean a thoroughly conservative America in every issue area.”

    The Real Issues: A Wisconsin Update

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