President Performance FAQs II

Picking up where we left off on yesterday’s post

5. Are you moving to the model of using business leaders to head academic institutions?

Not necessarily. We want to find the best talent – wherever they may be found – to lead a major change effort underway at our institution.  We need individuals with a range of skills, including an ability to think strategically and attain goals, and to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and surround themselves with a team that compliments them.  As an education institution, we require leaders who can oversee operational and academic goals and drive to increasing student success.

We highly value academic and faculty leadership.  That is precisely why we have integrated faculty into the Reinvention process and encourage faculty to provide ongoing input and recommend solutions that will strengthen our institution.

6. How do you plan to conduct the search process?

The Board is hiring a diverse professional search team to help identify candidates.   The Chancellor, with assistance from an advisory committee, will supervise the search process and recommend final candidates to the board for approval.  The Board hopes to name their selections as early as May.

7. How many if any of those Presidents who are reapplying do you expect to hire back?

We will make sure this is a fair search process and that we get the best candidates to benefit our students and our institution.  This means we will hold a nation-wide search and invite all current presidents to apply for the redefined positions.  We will have to wait and see who applies – we can’t make any predictions.

More tomorrow…

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