Bedtime after a long Morale Improvement Day

Morale Relaxer #411

In case dem Morale (maybe moral too) Improvement Day got you all giddy and you don’t know how to bring it down a notch.

(Don’t worry about the language, you can still enjoys it with the volume down. Can anypeep translate?)

Great idea PhiloDave. I’m just keepin’ my promise from yesterday’s reply with this post.

3 thoughts on “Bedtime after a long Morale Improvement Day

  1. Pocoyo rocks my world! Thanks Realist for the post and PhiloDave for the hard day of posting.

    • You’re most welcome, Marta. And thanks, Realist. My kids are going to dig it, I think (as I did).

      • I ran across Pocoyo a few semesters ago and had been lookin’ for a good time to post the video. This was rather appropriate.
        Much more out there. This is on par (and maybe better) that today’s version of Sesame Street.
        Just trying to be cosmopolitan in my endeavor.
        So, ‘gracias’ again to El PhiloDavid and ‘de nada’ once again to Marta.

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