Department Chairs Meeting – March 2011

With verbal permission from the current department chairs, I am posting notes from today’s department chairs’ meeting.

The purpose of this post is to let HWC faculty know what was discussed. You should contact or meet with your department chair for details and the full report.

Here’s the synopsis:

  1. Ewa Lick was in attendance and asked all department chairs to schedule a meeting with her this coming Monday to discuss departmental IT needs.
  2. John Hader reported on the new zero-budget model that will be used for the upcoming 2012 fiscal year. All chairs will complete the Departmental Annual Planning Form that is due March 9, 2011.
  3. Discussion of full-time faculty needing SLO’s in all their syllabi.
  4. Discussion of all full-time faculty needing to have syllabi posted on Blackboard.
  5. Summer booklists due March 18, 2011
  6. The need for all full-time faculty to post office hours and maintain these hours.
  7. ONE, UNIFIED, CCC Summer AND Fall 2011 schedule to be printed and available to ALL CCC students.
  8. Armen Sarrafian gave a presentation regarding rotation points. (Very well received. David Richardson’s name came in conversations as a good role model to follow regarding confidentiality issues)
  9. Dr. Marcia Turner, Dean of CDL was in attendance to answer our CDL related questions and concerns.
  10. Coming Spring 2012 ONE, UNIFIED, CCC Scheduling Grid (Section E wil now designate “Early” Classes, Section H will now designate “Hybrid” Classes. Section Z will meet Sundays)

If I missed any points, or have erred in my facts, I humbly invite corrections.

2 thoughts on “Department Chairs Meeting – March 2011

  1. Thank you for this synopsis we are now moving towards a healthy climate of “transparency”.
    Knowing this department meetings will have an agenda that has everyone on pretty much the same page.Again Thank you!

    • You are welcome Rip Van Winkle.
      I’ll do my best to maintain this level of transparency throughout the semester. More to follow after the next meeting.

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