Movie Festivals Going Now

There are two of ’em at the moment: The Chicago Irish Film Festival arrives just in time for Paddy’s Day through this coming Wednesday down at the Beverly Arts Center, and The European Union Film Festival through the end of the month at the Siskel Center across the street.

And if you see something great, let the rest of us know so we can put it in our Netflix queue…

2 thoughts on “Movie Festivals Going Now

  1. I went to see “Disco and Atomic War” at the Siskel on Saturday. It’s an Estonian documentary about how their government tried to block Finnish tv signals during the Cold War; Estonian citizens weren’t having any of it. Here’s the trailer:

    If you’re just looking to roll the bones and randomly pick a film or two from the Euro Festival, you could probably do worse than any of the three Romanian films that are screening. A lot of film smarty pants seem to think the best European cinema has come from Romania in the last five years. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Cristi Puiu’s “Aurora,” which comes after his awesome “The Death of Mr. Lazarescu” a few years back.

  2. Ready for two psychotic killer-clowns? Crazy and bloody “The last circus” by Alex de la Iglesia.

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