2nd Annual Braggin Rights Bracket Competion

That’s right–it’s time to show off that hard won college basketball knowledge and/or passion for prognostication and/or propensity toward blind luck: in the spirit of community building, cultural appreciation, and cabin fever, The Harold Lounge presents the Second Annual Braggin Rights Bracket Competition!

As I noted last year, the first two versions of this contest were won by early favorite Jenny Armendarez, but she didn’t compete last year, and so my victory was hollow. To be the champ, you’ve got to beat the champ.

Anyway, the details remain the same:

It is free to enter and so does not constitute gambling (no ethics policy violation!). You don’t even have to know anything about basketball to win (at least in theory). All you have to do is go HERE, sign in (or register a new account if you’re new to this–providing them with an email and a password), and then you’ll be prompted to enter a password which is “CCC”. Then just fill out your bracket and start talking smack!

Check out the rules while you’re there, too. This year’s competition will feature the victory plus seed formula, so if you pick a 12 seed to win in the first round, and they do, you’ll get 13 points (1 + the seed number). This provides some incentive to pick some long shots.

The winner will, as in years past, get a handsome certificate awarding one year’s worth of bragging rights and a ‘Major’ prize (value <$7.99). Past prizes have included a pair of socks, white board markers, and an old bag of candy from my desk.

So get picking, people! Be sure to have your bracket finished before 11am on Thursday. Once the games start, the competition is closed…


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