Tuesday Teaching Question

Tuesday Teaching Question is a regular feature that attempts to get a conversation going about teaching.  Typically, the questions attempt to be very practical.  TTQ is brought to you by CAST.  If you have a question that you’re dying to have featured in an upcoming TTQ, e-mail me at hwc_cast@ccc.edu.

This post is part TTQ and part advertisement.

I sent out an e-mail last week about TIE 2011. In case you missed it…  HWC will be having a day of workshops and presentations about Teaching and Learning with technology.  This will occur Friday April 8RSVP by 3/28 using the link below.



Now back to the regularly scheduled TTQ.  Piggy-backing off of PhiloDave’s responsible computer use post from yesterday.

How do you use technology (responsibly) in and out of your classes (w.r.t. teaching and learning obviously)?

I may have asked this before, but I figured that it was apropos given the paranoia this is swarming with respect to “big brother and/or sister” watching every move, every keystroke. etc.)

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