FC4 Developments

As you probably know by now (if you’ve been to your mailbox and/or reading your email), your local Faculty Council has been asked by FC4 to collect a survey of sorts from full time faculty regarding actions of concern by the Chancellor and Board in recent months (asking for a Top Five, along with some explanation about the nature of the concern), and a straw poll on faculty confidence in the District administrative team.

Yesterday, HWCFC President, Rosie Banks, sent out this email:

This afternoon, the presidents of all seven local faculty councils and the District FC4 officers were invited to speak with the Chancellor and the Board Chairman on this Thursday morning (3/17) @ 8am.
Early Thursday morning, Ellen and I will compile a preliminary summary of received forms, so if you would complete the form I placed in your mailbox and give it to any one of your local faculty council representatives by close of day Wednesday, I would appreciate it, and I would be able to include your input in that preliminary summary.
My intention is to make sure that what I share at this meeting is representative of HWC faculty.
Thanks, in advance, for your help and cooperation!
Any questions? Any advice? Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “FC4 Developments

  1. Per the info that was left in our mailboxes,
    Are we to select our top five categories (topics in bold) OR are we to select the top five concerns regardless of the categories; in other words, can all of my concerns be from the same category?

    Note to Rosie: Get your rest tonight and don’t be late. Let me know if you need anything other than my support.

    • My understanding is that you should list your top concerns (and then help by fleshing them out a bit with some elaboration). They can all be from the same category. You might even (in your description) cross into another concern listed (or connect them). That is my understanding anyway…

      • Thank you PhiloDave.
        I’ll complete the form and leave it in a FC member’s mailbox by end of day today.

    • I know for sure that it is being done at Wright and Truman; the other colleges are unconfirmed as of this afternoon.

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