ReinQuestion?–Vol. 11

ReinQuestion? appears every Thursday and is an open thread for members of the HW and CCC community to post questions about the ongoing Reinvention. Any and all questions are invited, and anyone who knows an answer to any question posted is encouraged to answer it in the threads below.

Your local FC is working to schedule another update with our representatives on the Task Forces–it looks like that should happen somewhere in early April. In the meantime…any questions we can ask for y’all?

2 thoughts on “ReinQuestion?–Vol. 11

  1. What is the morale of those working at/on the task force? It seems to be that the morale is not great on campus so I am wondering if the task force members would recommend their working conditions? What is the best and worst thing about working at District?

  2. Reinvention forum today ( Thursday ) 2:45pm at room 320 , faculty should go too !

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