Friday Spotlight: President John Metoyer

UPDATE: I’m going to turn this weekend into Metoyer-Palooza, and stick this to the top of the page for the weekend to encourage more postings of gratitude. Plus, that way, I won’t have to hear Art bellyachin’ on Monday about the pace of the postings…

Today is John’s last weekday serving as our President.

Since he took up the reigns after the abrupt and heart-breaking departure of (our beloved) John Wozniak, last August, only a few weeks after being promoted Vice President (upon Saundra Banyard’s retirement* Cecilia’s departure), John M has managed to navigate difficult and turbulent waters with grace, aplomb, wit, and honesty.

Thrust onto the stage of institutional leadership, John performed flawlessly, as if he’d been doing it for years.

I have and will continue to appreciate his honesty, his integrity, and, of course, his hilarious sense of humor.

Thanks for being our President John, and thanks for being such a great one for the students by being a great one for us, your fellow faculty members.

*h/t to Jenny A for the correction. Sorry.

12 thoughts on “Friday Spotlight: President John Metoyer

  1. Great job, Metoyer! I hope you will not be an “Interim” VP for long. HWC needs your experience and institutional knowledge going forward and your position should be made official and permanent.

    BTW- You can tell it’s midterms by the lack of posts. Midterm and March Madness- killer but not a reflection on you. LOL.

  2. Thanks for stepping up to be our fearless leader during troubled times, and for all the support you have given to the faculty and students.

    You’ll make a great VP (and hopefully it will be slightly less stressful!)

  3. We love you, John. I am very grateful that you will still be up on 11 leading the troops for as long as they will let you.

    • I gots a hamster in my pocket. (Thanks to PhiloDave’s curiosity over the use of ‘we’ in my statements.)
      What’s you gots where?

  4. Some cynics might say, “Be careful! The way our system works, if faculty members express strong support for an administrator, that administrator will be considered ineffective by the higher-ups, and his/her position will be in jeopardy.” (The implication being that CCC administrators are supposed to give us hell).

    At least that was what some veteran faculty members at my college used to say. They thought the above was but one example of the corruption prevalent in our system.

  5. John:

    I thought you did a magnificent job within the turmoil because you’re artist an poet who brought humanity and true understanding to the position. As a teacher or administrator, the students benefit tremendously from your presence.

    And my vote is that you return to the classroom and change the world.

  6. Yo, PhiloDave, thanks for coverin’ the Friday spotlight.

    As for Metoyer, I am in agreement with all of the previous posts. Johnny demonstrated great leadership qualities as our president and I felt as if we (students, faculty, staff, and my pet hamster)were ALWAYS in good hands. It will be good to have him as our VP (once again).

    You rock Johhny ‘Bravo’ Metoyer!
    (Yeah, that’s a Brady Bunch reference. Metoyer ain’t a sellout either!)

    FF to 5:58 if you don’t feel like reminiscin’ wit me.

  7. All I can say is

    Reo Speedwagon ” Roll WIth The Changes” From XM Radio

    “My cup is on the table
    Our love is spillin’
    Waitin’ here for you to
    Take and drink of

    So if you’re tired of the
    Same old story
    Oh, turn some pages
    I’ll be here when you are ready
    To roll with the changes
    Yea eee yea, woo

    I knew it had to happen
    Felt the tables turnin’
    Got me through my darkest hour

    I heard the thunder clappin’
    Felt the desert burnin’
    Until you poured on me
    Like a sweet sunshower

    So if you’re tired of the
    Same old story
    Oh turn some pages
    I’ll be here when you are ready
    To roll with the changes”

  8. I totally agree with all the comments made before. Your tenure was indeed full of turmoil, uncertainty, chaos and just plain darkness. Generally, we at HWC, didn’t have to deal with that, but the environment has changed tremendously within the last few months. Thank you for being you and listening. Let the music keep you focused and happy and don’t leave us just yet. We need your experience and knowledge, especially now.

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