Reinvention Email

Y’all got the email about applying for the Fall 2011 Reinvention Task Forces yesterday.

I’m not here to question the application process or to sling mud (per PhiloDave’s TKP post).

What I am here to ask is how will a new set of task force members be beneficial to what the current task force members have accomplished or are in the process of completing? I’m no research specialist, but I do knows that it takes time to determine what to research, then conduct the research, then complete the research.

Are the folks at District implying that all the current task force members will be done with their tasks by May? Seriously? I thought research took time.? Lots o’ time. Perhaps there will be a small group of Spring task force members staying on to assist Fall task force members? I donts know. That’s why I ask.

Per the email, “Next semester, new task force teams will develop improvement initiatives as well as implement Spring 2011 recommendations…”
Riddle me this, how can new members implement what old members had in mind? Will current members leave behind stick notes in the cubicles?

This whole thingamajiggy is analogous to hiring a new chancellor (and vice chancellors) in the Fall to complete the Reinvention process.
Am I wrong?

What do the current task force members have to say ’bout dat?

10 thoughts on “Reinvention Email

  1. It is my understanding that some of the current task force members will stay on and “bridge” the work from this year to next. I believe that they all are invited to stay on, if they so wish.

    • I needs to sees it in writing from our new District administrators. Not that I don’t trust what we know and have heard.
      It would have been best to include a statement related to that “bridge” in the email in order to clarify ANY misunderstandings.

      Honestly, the email looked like a copy-and-paste from the one that went out last semester.
      IMHO, Not much thought went into it. Either that or the lines of communication are down. Still.

  2. Implementing recommendations would imply that they were assumed by CCC as a whole, not just at district, right? So when is everyone going to get a peek? I imagine the last thing most people want is to have district looking up their skirt at the end of the semester, with a prospective freshman class of reinventors being amazed at what they see.

    • P.S. Perfect example of commenting and asking what other people know while not proving anything. I should know, I did it.

        • I meant that these recommendations are going to come like a gust of wind once the weather gets warm. I also meant that I did what I said I was perturbed about in another thread.

      • Hi, Heir Apparent.

        I don’t quite follow your emphasis on “proof,” at least not the disproportionate privileging of it over thinking and knowing.

        (The following is cheesy but I’m just trying to be concise.)

        A while ago there was a movement to write HISTORY (as opposed to histories). “If we simply collect the facts,” said the academics, “the facts will speak for themselves.” The academics collected a lot of facts. They collected mountains, and they listened. The mountains echoed with a profound silence.

        Facts do not speak for themselves. A narrative has to be imposed on the facts for them to become meaningful (i.e. for them to “prove” something). TKP/the blog often recognizes this here, there, and anywhere. Therefore, one’s post/narrative – that is, any part of the TKP cycle – has to be open to investigation.

        May I ask what you mean by “proof”? Do you mean “facts”?

  3. I am so glad that I was not the only person thinking this same thing. How can you have another team to come in and pickup where the other team left off. The team worked this whole semester and put together a lot of ideas. So why not let the team continue. Adding other poeople just makes the task more difficult. Sound like a smoke screen.

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