If You Don’t Mind Me Asking

Can we get a “show of hands,” to see who’s here? We’re getting around 400 visits a day now, but I know that some, at least, are from other schools. I’m just wondering what the ratio is.

(Just as a reminder, there’s no tracking of this and no info required, so you won’t identify yourself in any way by participating. It’s literally just a mouse click.)

6 thoughts on “If You Don’t Mind Me Asking

  1. You should do this poll next time something “juicy” comes up. Today is a slow news day…

    • Maybe, but 579 views (which is today’s traffic as of 8pm) is “above average,” even if 100 of those are yours. Lots of lurkers–which is good, too.

      • Cool. Although lurkers sounds disturbing. Call them unique viewers, perhaps.

  2. Now that I think about it, a hundred of those visits are probably me wondering if anyone commented on my comments. So…ya know.

  3. According to my math, which is right around remedial, there are a few hundred people who did not vote. Weird.

  4. Could those two District votes be from Task Force members?

    To Heirapparent’s comment, perhaps a poll asking how many times folks are checking in, on average, during one day would be helpful.
    I know it was asked before, somewhere.

    Sorry. Not tryin’ to sound like a know-it-all.
    Thanks for the poll and your time PhiloDave.

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