As part of the Graduation Outreach Strategy, District Office has
planned a series of activities to promote graduation.
One such activity is
Faculty and Staff Cap and Gown Day!
Faculty and Staff are encouraged to wear caps and gowns on
Thursday, March 31, 2011
in an effort to prompt more students to inquire about and sign
up for the
Spring 2011 Graduation

that will be held on
May 11, 2011 at the UIC Pavilion.
April 15, 2011 is the deadline to file a graduation application. 

Students will pick up their tickets the week of April 25, 2011.
Additional information flyers and posters will be distributed throughout the school.

17 thoughts on “Really?

  1. They keep extending the deadline to sign up for the ceremony. Guess not a lot of people are excited about heading to UIC on a Wednesday night during finals week.

  2. I am not wearing my cap and gown all day – tomorrow, no less. Was this ‘activity’ promoted earlier and I just missed it or is this a sudden new promotion?

    • This was the first I’d heard of it. I check my e-mail obsessively. I’d be surprised if I missed it the first time around.

  3. This is ridiculous. I haven’t received any e-mails regarding it. I’m more inclined to believe this is a brilliant, one-day-early April Fool’s day joke, since few people teach on Friday.

  4. I agree with Heraclitus that this must be an April Fool’s Day joke. A more diabolical one would be for the Board and Chancellor to announce their resignation/firing ;–)

    • What truly sucks is that even if it isn’t, people are tuned up for April Fools now and so I can’t pull the April Fools joke I was PLANNING to attempt until NEXT year now…and I’ll never remember it then.

      And it would have been so good, too.


      • Aw go on, schedule it now so you don’t have to try rememberin’ it. I promise not to look.

  5. You beat me to this one mathisisexy.
    My commnet and questions are as follows:
    1. This is the first I’m hearing of the ‘Graduation Outreach Strategy’
    2. IF I am wanted to wear a cap a gown tomorrow, where would I gets it?
    3. Why are we given less that 24 hrs to plan?
    4. No name and/or number is given, thus I have to post ’em here.


    I will remind my students of the graduation deadlines. That much I can and will do.

  6. According to room 101, students have until the end of May to sign up to graduate from HWC. As far as the ceremony goes, if a student signs up now, there is a chance that they will not be able to “walk.” Although, with the feedback from students that we’ve been getting, not many want to be a part of it anyway. The UIC Pavilion can hold around 9000 people (for something like, a Wilco concert)and now serves alcohol! And the UIC forum can hold a few thousand more…so I can’t imagine the Pavilion would reach capacity and necessitate the need for people to have to watch from 10 blocks away at the Forum. Except, of the four tickets each student will receive, the (unofficial because this shit will change in two weeks) policy is that two are for the Pavilion and two are for the Forum. At any rate, congrats to those who are graduating and sorry to everyone who has a test that day, the next day, or will have to work out the logistics of having their family decide who gets to go and where they will be.

  7. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to wear caps and gowns on
    Thursday, March 31, 2011

    Since I don’t have my cap and gown, how am I supposed to do this?

    I guess I’ll be wearing 8th grade Graduation garb from my kid?

    I’m feeling left out of this party………………….

  8. Sidenote, SGA reports that district came to their meeting this afternoon to announce that school colors and mascot/logos are up for reinvention, that the exact details are being kept secret for now and that the chancellor plans to have an unveiling on (this was told to me) May 11th. So…that should be interesting. I would have personally recommended that our mascot be the Monk parakeet, since Harold was fond of them. Or the Peregrine Falcon, which I believe is still Chicago’s official bird of prey and have found success mating and nesting in the Loop over the past few decades.

    • FYI, District was not who presented at the SGA meeting. If you want to know the new colors, just look at the graduation gear. There will be a color reveal the week of April 25th which Mike Davis will be a part of. All of the Presidents approved these colors as well as the new logos. The logos will be revealed at graduation.

      I honestly want to tell you that we shouldn’t condemn every decision being made… we needed a face lift… and you all know it. Should we have paid someone outside to do that for us, no… but it is done… we should embrace it so the students feel good about it too.

      • I agree with the general spirit being advocated, but a facelift would be one thing, a re-conceptualization of the system (from seven independently accredited colleges to one college with seven campuses) is another. The trouble is that if it’s the former, that has not been made clear. That, along with several other gestures toward the latter, have made many of us, or at least me, suspicious that it is the latter that is going on, and it is THAT (and not the colors, the mascots, nor the logos, and not even the design/branding money) with which I have a problem.

        If it turns out that they’ve merely changed the logos and the colors of the seven colleges, akin to putting a new Big Ten patch on the conference teams’ uniforms, they will have my full support (even if they are ugly). If, on the other hand, the outcome seems to be an attempt to obscure differences among the colleges or suggest that we are all one, they will not have my support for any of it. And it won’t be because of the colors.

  9. I like our colors. So we need to reinvent them for how much $ (to the sacrifice of hiring qualified and much needed faculty)? Will it be Laackman’s previous corporate (and I mention again ‘corporate )consulting company developing them? Will they be as lovely (ick) as the new reinvention bland colors – that, as others have pointed out, are are entirely unoriginal since we now have essentially the ComEd logo for ‘Reinvention’ (for a mere $500,000)? What do our school colors have to do with educational processes? What a serious waste of time if this is what they are working on.

    • …but I think a Peregrine Falcon would be kinda cool but our current Panther (…maybe jaguar….the stealthy cat) is cool too.

  10. Perhaps the change would take us away from the “gang” affiliation.Students have told me that the black and gold are one of the infamous gang colors.I loved those colors a pity I did not learn how to flash those gang signs.

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