Next Up!

Next up! is a regular feature on Sundays, showcasing HWC (and beyond) events in the coming week. Use the “Comments” section to provide updates and additions.

And so we reach the end of “Amusement Sunday,” and face the week to come. Five teaching weeks to go until the end of the term…

Monday, 4/4: Nominations for Chair (and other officers) of the Women’s Studies Committee due to Loretta Visomirskis by 5pm.

Tuesday, 4/5: Women’s Studies Committee Meeting and officer elections (3:30p, rm 621).

Wednesday, 4/6: Business as usual as far as I know. Curriculum Committee Meeting (3:00pm, rm 806)

Thursday, 4/7: Roadside Culture and Urban Food Deserts (presentation, 1-3pm, rm 103;  discussion, 3-5pm, rm 103 (rsvp for the discussion to; CAST meeting @3 in 1046.

Friday, 4/8: Meet President Don Laackman (11am-1pm in rm 102); Friends of HWC Graduation Award Nominations and Applications Due (5pm, rm 1148).

Saturday, 4/9: Business as usual as far as I know.

Please add anything I missed in the comments (and accept my apologies for the missing of it!)

6 thoughts on “Next Up!

  1. Are we there yet…oh, shoot wait…we dunno where we’re going…

      • You’ve given me food for thought. What are your plans for the summer PhiloDave? Are you takin’ a break? If so, I gots an idea for ‘Summer Music’.

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