Braggin’ Rights Bracket Winner(s)!

Final Update:

In third place, the proud winner of an assortment of loose pens from Dave’s backpack outer pocket, with 36 correct picks out of 60 games for 196 points, Anthony Escuadro.

In second place, the proud winner of some Vintage tin of Marshall Fields Frango Mints that I found in a desk drawer last week (at least 8 years old), with 35 out of 60 picks for 202 points, the Connecticut Carpetbagger, Ed Fians.

And in first place, having correctly picked 39 out of 60 games correctly for a total of 213 points, our very own Master of Ubiquity, Chris Sabino! And for his troubles, Chris gets a pair of brand new socks that match, or at least refer to, the colors of this year’s Championship squad.

Among the other notables, Armendarez finished next to last. Barely. Which was probably ok until Kentucky lost. So sad. For her.


6 thoughts on “Braggin’ Rights Bracket Winner(s)!

  1. To paraphase former Stanford Cardinal football coach and current SF 49er hard coach Jim Harbaugh, I vow to attack this endeavor [of writing with these random pens] with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

  2. Thank you PhiloDave for starting this bracket so many years ago. It has always been fun to participate. As a two-time former champ I know the glory that Sabino is now feeling and I applaud his efforts.

    I would like to especially thank President Laackman for participating this year. I don’t know if it was by design but I very much appreciate you saving me from finishing in last place:)

    In the words of Cubs fans, just wait until next year….

    • Dang…did you miss the last line or are you just denying me the joy of riling you up? Either way, dang…

  3. Hey PhiloDave,
    Did my picks get registered? If so, did I gets any points? I let my pet hamster pick this year.
    That’s the last time I’ll do that!

    • Sixth place. 32 correct picks, same as Armendarez, but a few more points.

      The hamster had a bad year…

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