2 thoughts on “And How Was The Rally?

  1. Local 1600 members gathered at the Union office on Kinzie Saturday morning, where we enjoyed coffee and donuts, donned our snazzy blue “We Are One” t-shirts, grabbed some signs and headed on over to Daley Plaza with chants of, “What’s disgusting?…Union Busting!” and “Banks got bailed out…Unions got sold out!” There was lots of beeping from passing traffic and strong support from those we encountered on the way. We crossed paths with the Steelworkers Union who joined our ranks, along with some fellow colleagues – Local 1708. We marched onto the Plaza and squished in with those already present. There was a great sense of camaraderie and excitement in the air…and then, the fuchsia-clad choir began to sing Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb.” We were not the only ones looking around slightly bewildered…somehow Miley Cyrus does not scream Chicago Unions. True to form, since we are educators and leaders (and we had a bullhorn), we attempted a coup of the rally, marching around chanting. But, then the Chicago Teacher’s Union showed up with their own drum and tuba, and our poor little bullhorn just couldn’t compete. It was okay, though, because the speeches were beginning, and each new speaker ended with chants of “We are one!” We were thanked by Wisconsin Union leaders for housing their congressmen and for being supportive of their plight. Illinois Union leaders talked about staying strong and standing together. We mingled with members of the Carpenter’s Union, Air Transport Union, Fireman’s Union and many, many others. I really enjoyed being there, and it was great to see so many people come together to show the world “This is what democracy looks like!”

    • I concur with what Rally-ite said. There were about 100 total 1600 members who marched along the way. It was good to see so many CCC 1600 members with their families.

      I would add that there was also a marching band from King College Prep HS. Everyone loves a marching band but the program was a bit uneven with some very somber patriotic songs, Miley songs and a marching band. The speeches seemed compelling but it was hard to hear. Great sense of camaraderie with so many other union members. Very fun event!

      Banks got bailed out, Unions got sold out!!!!!!!

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