Climate Surveys of Reinvention Teams

My request to our Reinvention team members (updated today with newly arriving responses!) created an unexpected flurry of activity. Some team members wanted to meet and talk about how to respond to the questions, one team member (at least) wanted to just answer them individually, there was discussion of whether to consult with the “leadership,” and those consultations occurred, leading to an interesting bit of sharing.

A team member, in consultation with Scott Martyn and Tawa Jogunosimi sent a trio of links–here, here, and here–which show the outcome of three “Team Barometer” surveys administered at different times (2/17, 3/11, and 3/28, respectively) during the Reinvention process to gauge the attitudes of the team members and their perceptions of the process at that point.

I think you will find them interesting. I did. There are some interesting trends and patterns here.

I wonder if anything has changed as a result of this information…

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