President’s Meeting

Any comments on yesterday’s meeting for those of us who were unavailable to attend?

What was said? What was asked? Would you call it a success? What were your impressions of the fellow? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the experience and why?

Give the man some feedback, people. It’s what we do…

2 thoughts on “President’s Meeting

  1. I was in attendance for the first hour of the Presidents meeting. During that time there were about a half dozen questions. I can’t speak for all those inquiries but I did ask about space. I asked because it has been on my mind and the minds of others for at least a couple of years now. The 3D area of the art dept has been at capacity for the last 2 years. Seeing that this would happen I have been trying to create a resolution for some years now leading up to the last 2. In addition to preparing for capacity issues, there are classes that we should be able to offer students; I speak of more discipline options, currently we only offer 2.

    I asked this question also because I am looking for the vision of our new President. Should I continue to try and grow the 3D program or realize that we have reached our physical limitations and to stop thinking of additional ways to enhance the way we teach visual literacy?

    On a personal note I feel as though I have a lot of enthusiasm to teach students about sculpture and want to create a great experience for them. It is however hard to maintain this enthusiasm because I’ve been told no for many years now.

    So, the answer I was given by our President was he didn’t really like the option of segregating by means of annexing classrooms. Which I agree who wants to split up the family? But the other option of moving the entire operation is rough too. We all love our location and to find another downtown building is not an inexpensive endeavor. So… Don said he wanted to launch an investigation in about a year to really look at our options.

    Is this another way of saying no to my dream of seeing HWC students working in a wood and basic metals shop and learning about sculpture? I am going to say that Don seems like a fair guy, he really does, but I will be approaching my assessment as a hopeful skeptic.

    There were other questions posed that were enlightening as well. Our President is the product of a liberal arts education and has a great appreciation for arts. I think this is comforting for many because we have all spent so much of our time here at HWC trying to create this type of learning environment. So our old dear friend, critical thinking, seems to be on friendly grounds for now.

    I apologize for the length, please have a great weekend.

  2. I went to the meeting with the President on Tuesday. It was a packed house with a variety of students, staff, faculty and administrators in attendance. One thing that came out was that the President had met on Monday with the Chancellor with a list of “things” he needed to get the numbers she wanted. One of those things was 20 new full-time faculty. Very exciting news and I can only hope that we actually get those faculty. Of course, those of us who have been through the process before are skeptical that we will be allowed to hire but we’ll wait and see.

    The president noted twice about the numbers that the Chancellor wanted to see and finally it was asked, what numbers? Not graduation as you might think (7%, 7%, 7%). The numbers are retention during the semester and across semesters from fall to spring. Don’t exactly remember but I believe current numbers are 64% and 68% respectively. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but I know the numbers were in the 60s. I thought the numbers were pretty good but of course there is room for improvement. Increasing full-time faculty is just one of the issues that will help us increase these numbers.

    Other questions included Art flogging the administrators-to-faculty-ratio question. Yup, got it Art, the Chancellor went crazy and hired a bunch of suits. A better question is, if remedial education or developmental education is so important to our school and to our ‘numbers’ why is there no Vice-Chancellor for this group. There are VCs for every other subject under the sun, why not remedial education. How do you expect to “fix” this problem without proper leadership. I would argue that administrators never fixed anything but if you are going to have them then let’s have them in fields which matter to our student body.

    Another question which came up is that there will be a strong look taken at the procurement process. No longer will you need 6 signatures to order a ream of paper! Another wait and see on that question. Andy Huh is now reporting to both the president and to district which seems to have added another level of bureaucracy but some how this should help. Right.

    The President seemed very presidential and had politic answers for Art. Time will tell if there is substance to what the president says he’s about.

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