New York Experiment Ends Poorly/Well: A Matter of Perspective

A few regular readers sent in a suggestion that this news get a post–it’s the sad, sad tale of a business woman, with no educational leadership experience and a fairly unpolished public speaking approach, being appointed Chancellor of a huge school system and promptly alienating parents, students, and teachers to the point that the Mayor who had appointed her basically demanded her resignation less than three months into her reign:

New York City parents are celebrating the resignation of Schools Chancellor Cathie Black and her Deputy, John White. Black, who served less than 100 days, was a bizarre appointment by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who, like Chicago’s mayor, runs the schools. Black’s previous experience was in the publishing world (Hearst Publications, USA Today); she needed a waiver of all education requirements from the state legislature to become chancellor. (Of course, our legislature waived any and all CPS CEOs from such requirements in 1995.)

Black almost immediately alienated NYC parents when she suggested “birth control” as a remedy for overcrowded classrooms. Things went downhill from there.

Here’s another link (to the NY Times) with the full story.

h/t to the loyal readers. You know who you are. (I didn’t know, however, if you’d want attribution on this one so I’m erring to the side of caution.)

PS: Given the NY Times’ new online subscription policy, I’m going to try to be mindful of it and limit my links (or, whenever possible, provide an alternative link to the same news). I mention it here just to remind you all that if you don’t subscribe, there is a monthly limit to the free reading you can do on their site. Carry on.

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