ReinQuestion–Vol. 16

ReinQuestion? appears every Thursday and is an open thread for members of the HW and CCC community to post questions about the ongoing Reinvention. Any and all questions are invited, and anyone who knows an answer to any question posted is encouraged to answer it in the threads below.

So it might be that this is the week that Faculty Leadership get a preview of the proposals. The meeting at which they will be revealed is tentatively scheduled for Friday, last I heard, thought there is some possibility of it being pushed back a week.

FC4 Secretary Julius Nadas sent this out early in the week:

Due to spring break some of the plans are still fluid, but here is what his plans are as of this afternoon.

~ Attendees

o All faculty council leadership, both executive and local (~30?)

o All department heads (~30?)

o All academic advising heads

~ Agenda

o Alvin to open with general remarks about the work to date and expectations for theday

o Gallery walk (90 minutes):

-Each team will have several poster size displays of data and findings from the work they did this semester set up in a large room.

-Attendees will walk around read the posters and be able to ask questions of the team members who will be assembled by their posters

-Questions will also be placed on post it notes by the posters so that they can be addressed, if possible, in the afternoon sessions

o Lunch: Tables that center around different task force topics will be set up encouraging attendees to talk to task force members about findings in a more informal setting

o -Afternoon: 1-2 breakout sessions with teams on specific task force work. Attendees will be able to go to rooms each with specific task force teams that will go into the findings in greater depth, allowing for more robust conversations about topics attendees are interested in.

o Wrap up: Talking about next steps for Reinvention

~ What success looks like for the day

o Dialogue is robust between teams and faculty leadership, all parties feel they have been heard

o Feedback on findings is clear to the teams

o General sense of implementation plans, where applicable, is clear to all parties

Look forward to your colleagues’ feedback by Monday afternoon if at all possible.

More as it comes in. And if you have any questions that you’d like me carry along with you, let me know.

2 thoughts on “ReinQuestion–Vol. 16

  1. FYI- Word on the street is that there is NO meeting. Not even next week. Don’t show up at Malcolm X because Reinvention will not be there.

  2. I heard similar.
    It may happen AFTER the semester is over.

    Hmmm… Reinvention meetings during the summer? Not many faculty are around,right?

    You know where I’m goin’ with this?

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