2011 Union Banquet

As request by our new chapter chair (sorry for the delayed post Jesu):

Dear Union Sisters and Brothers,

Have you bought your Union banquet ticket?  (Even if you hate the Greek Islands) Please attend the Friday, May 6th to support our scholars and Distinguished Professor.  As many of you know, Phil Stucky is also retiring this year, and he needs to be honored in a special way.  Tickets are only $12 dollars!  (Do not buy a ticket if you are not attending.  We lose a lot of money if you do not attend because the banquet price is worth far more than the reduced $12.)

In desperate need of scholarship donations!  This year the competition was fierce for the Albert Soglin/McBride Memorial Scholarship.  We chose three candidates; two winners are transferring to a four-year institution this fall.  These scholars are not only excellent students, but are actively involved on campus and in their communities.  They are also in dire financial need.  If you have not donated money, please do so to Jesu Estrada in room 633 (Jesu can be reached at 312-371-3774) or Saed Rihani in room 101.  As we reported in the last newsletter, we have less than $500 in donations.  We know economic times are hard, but these students are fighting insurmountable odds, and they deserve a chance to achieve their academic and career dreams.

Make all checks payable to H.W.C. Local 1600 and memo Albert Soglin Scholarship.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

Jesu Estrada, Chapter-Chair Elect

2 thoughts on “2011 Union Banquet

  1. I, along with 100+ of my colleagues attended the Union Banquet. It was a stellar event and was a morale booster in every way. Since the Reign of the Evil Queen (REQ- which can be pronounced wreck) began, there has been a distinct loss of morale at HWC and other schools from what I’ve heard. Friday’s event was a wonderful occasion, away from the malaise of campus, to enjoy conviviality and congeniality and collegiality.

    There were four student scholarship recipients in attendance. We learned about the origins of the scholarships and met the students. There were some compelling stories and each recipient beamed in delight. It was great to see the actual results of those calls for donations. One student confided that he had expected to take a semester off to save up money but because of the scholarship he can continue with his education. Awesome.

    It was also great to see so many faculty members together. Sometimes we don’t see people if we aren’t on their floor. This was an opportunity to renew relationships with our own colleagues in a fun environment. Since REQ began we have been much put upon. To be told constantly how bad we are doing and now with the clear message that our traditions don’t matter with the color changing, honestly it is hard to remain positive in such an environment. The union banquet was one of the rare rays of happiness since REQ and I would encourage everyone to jot it down on their calendar for next year. Hopefully REQ will be over but either way, seeing the positives of what the Union can accomplish with scholarships is worth the trip to Halstead Street.

    Also at this event we paid tribute to our outgoing Chair. Phil is retiring and said a few words about his history with City Colleges and the union. For those who were there, it was a nice moment, full of emotion. He received a lengthy ovation that was well-earned. In addition, Tom Higgins was acknowledged as our Distinguished Professor and delivered a memorable speech! Best line might have been about how spring break should be earlier in the semester and to avoid opening the contract and facing that challenge, he would call the Pope and have him move Easter. Who knew Tom was funny? He is a great choice and was resoundingly congratulated.

    I wasn’t expecting this event to be so soul-boosting, but it was. Thanks and congratulations to Jesu, Phil and all the Union officers for such a great moment in a year which has been overly and unnecessarily challenging. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

    And now…on to our final week……and the 5 hour graduation event!

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