What Up?

The Derby is this weekend.

Nothing else matters. Maybe you’re doing something fun, though. Tell someone else. I’ll be sipping Mint Juleps and taking more than a common man’s interest, as the gambler’s like to say, in the most exciting two minutes in sports.

What have you got? Other than grading, of course….

5 thoughts on “What Up?

  1. I didn’t know that the game F.C.Barcelona-R.C.D.Espanyol was that famous! (Two teams from Bcn) It’s el derby de la Ciutat Comtal,

    • I have heard soccer described as “exciting for two minutes or so” but it’s not quite the same is it…

      • After four clásicos I have to say that one game gives you weeks of exciting controversy and exciting conversation. The real thing is less than two minutes:

  2. The “Baobab Tree” at the Chicago Humanities Festival, the Morton Arboretum, “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” – Werner Herzog’s new film and the Museum of Science and Industry. And a nap.

    I just couldn’t wait another week for vacation to start.

    And grading. Lots and lots of it.

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