What Up?

HW Social Chair, Jen Armendarez is encouraging all the right sorts of socializing over at the Emerald this afternoon/early evening–all are welcome. I’ll be in the woods gobbling and yelping at the squirrels and drowning some worms in between grading finals, but I know there’s a lot going on besides grading–great movies, great music, and it’s craft beer week!

What will you be doing?

4 thoughts on “What Up?

  1. Calculating G.P.A.! As I like to say…”some of us are show-horses, some of us are work-horses…we all get put down at some point.”

    This is that time of year.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!

  2. Puttin’ the finishin’ touches on final grades and then gettin’ all reflective about the last 16 weeks of classes.

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