Fill the Lounge (and Hallways) with Cheers for…

Harold’s Distinguished Administrator Awardee, John Metoyer!

You can rest assured that he would rather have a gator dropped into his bathtub than send out an email to everyone announcing this recognition of the great work he does and has done for us, so do what you can to spread the word and if and when you see him, raise a whoop de doo for the man. He deserves it…

8 thoughts on “Fill the Lounge (and Hallways) with Cheers for…

  1. Congrats, John!

    I can honestly say that this is the first time I have ever used the phrase “It’s a win-win situation” and found it meaningful.

  2. Totally well-deserved!

    (I still think we should figure out a way to get a gator in his tub though…just to see what happens).

  3. Great news! Congrats, John. I never knew we had a Distinguished Administrator Award. Thanks, Philodave, for getting the word out.

  4. If only we could hug him.

    With transition all around us, and unparalleled frequency in local changes in upper admin, I can’t imagine a better fortune that to have had John M., John H. and Donyel W. at the helm over the last year. Championship rings for all.

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