Tuesday (Non)Teaching Question

Tuesday (Non)Teaching Question is an irregular feature that attempts to get a conversation going about (non)teaching.  Typically, the questions attempt to be very impractical and begin with an excessively short preamble.  T(n)TQ is brought to you by CAST.  If you have a question that you’re dying to have featured in an upcoming T(n)TQ, don’t e-mail me at hwc_cast@ccc.edu since this is a one shot deal.

So we survived the semester and final grades are (almost) in…

Those of you teaching summer have a few weeks off; the rest of us have a significantly longer amount of time.

What are you planning to read/watch/see during your time off?

It would be kind of fun if we had a faculty book club of sort (similar to the once existent Pedagogy reading group).  Maybe from these responses we could find a book we could all read and discuss in the fall.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday (Non)Teaching Question

  1. I stopped into a store which some of you may know called the Canoe Base. It’s run/owned by an 84 year old man Mr. Ralph Freisse who has been exploring the rivers of Il and building canoes for all kinds of nature organizations since the 60s?

    He has convinced me to read Gurdon S, Hubbard Fur Trader and Chicago Pioneer. I love a good story. He also convinced me to watch a documentary which talks about the building of the I&M canal. I guess it looks like I’ll be spending my summer looking for a reasonably priced canoe……anyone have a canoe that’s collecting dust?

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