Your Faculty Council at work – notes from Executive Committee meeting 6 8 11

On June 8th, the Executive Committee of District Faculty Council and several of the local faculty council presidents met with Academic Affairs representatives led by Acting Provost Mike Davis.  Below are the notes from that meeting, incorporating revisions from Mike Davis, Polly Hoover, and Daniel Borzutsky.  Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

FC4/Academic Affairs Executive Committee Meeting
Acting Provost Mike Davis
June 8th, 4 – 6pm
Room 641

Budget with Ken Gotsch, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Alvin Bisarya VC Office of Strategy       

Ken reviewed State budget issues and why we – like most community colleges- needed to raise tuition

Ken discussed legislative activity in the Illinois General Assembly

There was some discussion of talk on the State level about improved performance funding.  They were looking at an Ohio model and an Oregon model.

Ken discussed relation among the Strategic Plan, Annual Plan, and Budget

The budget (discussing mostly the Operational budget) will be published ( 5 copies in board offices and one posted to the District’s website) sometime next week (by June 17th ideally).

Thereafter, there will be public budget hearings (July 7-9) at Daley, Malcolm X, and Wright

From the time of posting (June 17th) to July 14th (date of Board approval and last public hearing), District will receive feedback regarding the proposed budget and make revisions as needed

If faculty members cannot attend the public budget hearings, they can make comments by emailing Dolores Javier (

There was some discussion of budget alignment to performance and health goals; performance goals were primarily the reinvention goals related to instructional and student outcomes.  Health goals are as follows :

  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Much greater degree of customer focus.
  • Excellent financial management at every level of the organization.
  • Operational discipline with focus on clear and high behavioral and performance standards.
  • Create excellent strategic clarity and alignment.
  • Targeted innovation.
  • Ensure a safe learning environment.

Joy Walker (Truman) asked whether they had been thinking of ways to prevent bottleneck in processes like procurement, etc.

Both Ken Gotsch and Alvin Bisarya shared some ways in which they and others had been thinking about that very issue.

There was also some discussion of changing practices and policies involving petty cash, agency accounts, conference reimbursement and the like which have negatively impacted faculty. We were assured us that these issues will be reviewed and hopefully resolved.

Ken Gotsch also stated that faculty members who are having trouble receiving reimbursements for expenditures can contact Dolores Javier to help expedite the process.

Ken Gotsch also stated that the petty cash accounts are being explored.

FC4 issues (Erosion of shared governance & Nursing issues)

Executive Director of Nursing, Dr. Debra Gurney, was present to answer our questions about the nursing programs.

She is more than willing to talk with faculty and has assured us that we can call her with questions at any time.

She has worked with an admissions committee, which included 1-2 nursing faculty from each college with a nursing program, and hopes to continue to work in a spirit of consensus and inclusion with all stakeholders.

She is also working with an all-District assessment committee which will be looking at the nursing curriculum, testing, best practices in accord with the NALNC (League of Nursing) and the State Board. Representatives of both groups (NALNC and the State Board) are supportive of these activities so long as we continue to abide by the Nurse Practice Act.

There was a bit of confusion about discussions to have one nursing program (one curriculum) at different colleges.  Dr. Gurney suggested that there was one curriculum across district, but upon discussion, it wasn’t clear if this was actually true or in discussion as a possible initiative to be implemented.  It also wasn’t clear whether or not nursing faculty were behind such an initiative.  It would follow Miami-Dade’s healthcare program. Dr. Gurney was asked whether or not faculty members have been involved in the discussions regarding the move to one nursing program across the district.  She stated that faculty members had not been involved in these discussions.  We requested that Nursing Faculty be brought into these discussions. Academic Affairs will make a request for faculty inclusion in this discussion.

Maria Jaskot-Inclan stated clearly the desire that Dr. Gurney bring all curricular issues to the appropriate local faculty council bodies and to Committee A/District Faculty Council per our current processes.

Discussion of specific issues that happened prior to Dr. Gurney’s tenure with CCC led to more general discussion of the following shared governance issues:

Need for improved Blackboard training for the new Blackboard particularly with the running total feature in grades and grading in general.

Concerns about new scrutiny of grades which seems to violate each faculty’s right to assign grades for their classes as s/he sees fit (academic freedom)

Need for union and fc representatives with individual faculty when facing administrative/district scrutiny to ensure that neither contractual nor academic freedoms are being violated

Call for development of a clear process of shared governance and communication to be articulated and practiced as soon as feasible.  There was general agreement about this with the understanding that developing a clear process would take some time.

Faculty Development Week (Session solicitation and selection)

Mike Davis offered tentative dates (August 8th and 9th at Malcolm X College).  On Day 1, there would be presentations from our Chancellor, Board Chair, and someone who would provide a State perspective.  Followed by a breakout session. On Day 2, there would be discipline meetings. Then, there would be two sets of concurrent sessions developed and presented by faculty whose proposed presentations were selected. An RFP will be sent soon (this week or next) and the proposals will be reviewed by college vps, academic affairs, and 1 or 2 members of FC4.

Polly Hoover volunteered to serve as one of the faculty members reviewing the proposals.

Rosie Banks requested that the agenda for the discipline meetings be set by faculty and that the meetings be run by faculty.  There was some discussion about whether the department chairs for the respective disciplines would set the agenda and run the meetings or whether there might be some part of the discipline meetings devoted to sharing assessment data.

Joy Walker asked why we would have college breakouts when we have three days of faculty development to communicate as a college.  She suggested that that time be spent allowing individuals from different colleges to interact. Mike Davis said he would look into that aspect of the schedule.

Future meetings planning  (Meeting dates and times)

Our next executive committee meeting will be July 6, 2011 from 3-5pm. We would like to invite someone from procurement to come and speak. We would also like to set aside some time to beginning the discussion about shared governance.

I’m not sure that this is finalized, but it was mentioned that we had agreed upon Friday, August 19th as the Faculty Council Retreat.

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