Quiet as it’s kept: new provost candidate to be announced at next board meeting

Well, that’s the news as I heard it via an email exchange between FC4 and District HR.

Apparently, a provost search was conducted and completed, and a candidate for the position will be recommended to the board at their July meeting.

Given that the provost’s purview will encompass all academic/curricular activity at CCC as CCC’s putative academic leader and given that shared governance has been on the discussion table between faculty leadership and District this past academic year, it seems odd to learn about a new provost candidate and a concluded search in a random email.  Of course, it also seems sad (to me) that this happened over the summer after all the talk of transparency and trust-building, but I digress. . .

So, I ask the following questions and welcome any answers:

1) When did the search begin? How long did the process take?

2) Were faculty included in the search process?

3) Were District faculty council, local faculty councils, and appropriate union leadership included in the search or notified about the search?

4) Regarding the search itself, how many applications were read and how many candidates were interviewed?

5) If neither faculty at large nor faculty leaders were notified or included, who was included on the search team?

6)What board rules or by-laws governed the selection and search process for this relatively new position?

Again, any answers to these questions are welcome.

One thought on “Quiet as it’s kept: new provost candidate to be announced at next board meeting

  1. If I had answers, I’d give ’em to you. I had no idea we were searching for a provost. T’was not communicated to me in any shape way or form. Perhaps there’s a memo in my mailbox???

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