6 thoughts on “Tabula Rasa Sunday

  1. Clever post, you don’t have to ask me twice! My weekend was fabulously relaxing, my first weekend off in months! Just been binging on lacky decadence. And catching up on some interesting blogs 🙂

    • Welcome to the summer party on The Lounge Danielle. Thanks for the post. Feel free to give a shout-out to your blog.
      (I like the quote from Mr. Magorium!)

  2. I’m in the throes of getting our HW faculty development week finalized. In the past few semesters at CAST meetings, we’ve discussed the possibility of having folks from student services and financial aid answer our questions about students. For instance, what happens to a student’s financial aid when (s)he is ADW’d?

    If you have questions like this, I’d love to hear them to see if a session of this sort would be worthwhile. (I may make a separate post tomorrow if traffic here is low.)

    • I’m all for it Mathissexy!
      As I’ve stated elsewhere on The Lounge, financial aid is one area that I know too little about. I would appreciate a 411 with the folks from the second floor.
      Any other peep feel the same way?

  3. Hello, 15 Days until August 8th.
    Let us know how it goes after the Fall semester. I’d like to know what you’ve learned from your decision.

    Speaking of Seinfeld…
    I do know that our district, and our college, is just as dysfunctional as that group of friends; we too are full of our ups and downs. Yes, right now it may feel like more down that up – I will not disagree. I also know that once the show went off the air, those actors were unable to create the same success staring in their own shows as they had on that sitcom.
    My point to ponder: We may be unorganized and dysfunctional, but we need each other. Just like Seinfeld needed the Soup Nazi and Newman, we need these folks at District. There’s more of us than them, so perhaps we just need to find our mojo and work together starting in the Fall. Let’s not be intimidated or demoralized by these changes. I’m more for taking action instead of waiting for a table at the Chinese restaurant.

  4. Actually the Chancellor is La Grande Guignole (the great puppet) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Guignol)

    Trouble is, she doesn’t know it. She’s been set up by Rahm & Co to gut the City Colleges and render them inconsequential. Then the business-as-usual big-money-boys can come in and privatize them.

    I fear for the education of the less-than-rich students of Chicago.

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