HWFDW Schedule

Hi all,

Here is the schedule for our upcoming local portion of Faculty Development Week.  I’ve worked hard to put this together this summer.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Many thanks to those of you who are presenting.  This wouldn’t exist without you.  Thanks to V.P. Metoyer, Dean Bickford, Aretha Hall, Jo Anne Mason and of course Pres. Laackman for the 11th floor support and coordination. Also, thanks to Yev, Chao and Carrie (the officers of CAST) for everything.

Check your e-mail later as well for a few more details.

12 thoughts on “HWFDW Schedule

  1. Thanks for the schedule CASTman!
    Congratulations on the birth of your child! (It’s a life changer, ain’t it?)

  2. First it was the Advisors and now faculty are Quick Enrolling students…doing 1708 work. Where is the grievance?

    • I”m confused by this comment. Are you saying that 1708 should be grieving for this? Faculty advise students and then send them to wait on line while their classes close. Quick enroll helps students to avoid it though I’m open to a conversation about this issue. Educate me.

  3. I am a 1708 employee. I have been with the City Colleges a long time. I honestly love my job and I love helping faculty/staff/students. We have a union and we have job descriptions with clear duties and responsibilities. Enrolling students during registration has always been a 1708’s job and College Advisors and faculty should not be doing it. I think both unions should have grieved the issue.

    I don’t like seeing the students wait in line. Realistically, I know that students would rather sit down and complete the registration process at one station rather than going from station to station. So, I agree, if the College Advisors and all the full-time faculty are properly trained on how to advise and Quick Enroll students, it would speed up the registration process and benefit students and the college. However, during the interim, when only the College Advisors are working registration, students are waiting well over 2 hours to see an Advisor. Unfortunately, the same thing will happen next week during Open Registration. We will be very busy, but we will only have the College Advisors to assist with the registration process. The following week when faculty are back on campus to lend a hand, we won’t be as busy. Therefore, during the interim period and Faculty Development Week, we need a dedicated Quick Enroll Station staffed by 1708 members to help cut down on the wait time.

    I don’t want to lose my job. I don’t want them to take away any more of my job duties. I am afraid that DO is consolidating as many functions as they can to eliminate the full-time employees.

    • I hear your concerns Beast. I understand your POV. However, as mathissexy has stated, educate us. I don’t see us replacing the role and importance of 1708 union brothers and sisters.
      Before you grieve, I would ask that you write down all of the responsibilities that have been lumped on 1708 staff since you started at HWC and then check to see if these responsibilities are covered in your contract.
      1708’s will not be recognized for their contributions unless you speak up.
      This quick enroll serves to assist our students, not to hurt or diminish your role in the registration process.

      You raise a good point and we should be mindful of what DO asks us to do and make sure they ain’t slippin’ us a mickey. Let’s review our contracts and work together.

      Thanks for keeping us focused on work conditions and requirements. I appreciate your comments.

      • Thank you. I need to confess. I don’t work at HWC. I’m at another campus. One of my instructors told me about The Harold Lounge months ago. I check it daily. I’ve learned so much from it. I appreciate the info sharing because at my campus there is ZERO communication. I wish we had a website like this. Thank you for the opportunity to share my concerns. I enjoy the Discourse, it’s refreshing.

        • Email PhiloDave, he can give you some guidance if you are interested in starting a blog. If he ain’t available, drop me an email and I can share what I know.
          I appreciate your willingness to communicate. Let us know how your next two weeks turn out with all of the students coming through your doors.

          • I echo Realist’s sentiments. WordPress is very user friendly. I was amazed at how easy it was to start the blog. The trick is getting people to read and interact with it. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully we see you again. Good luck with registration. I heard from a trusted source that HW was up by 15% already (I think that’s the number I was given.).

  4. I forgot. Maybe the big registration reveal tomorrow will bring back Quick Enroll stations!

    • Keep us posted Beast. You’ve got an inside peak of what we should expect. I hope to hear back from you with updates.

  5. Here’s an update for you. I hope others can confirm this info. I hear DA is the model. New students will register separately from returning students.
    Registration Steps for New Students. (I’m doing this from memory.) There will be greeters to direct students.
    New students will:
    Step 1 – go to a room to complete an online application (NO MORE PRINTED FORMS – NO MORE QUICK ADMIT);
    Step 2 – proceed to a staff member who will verify their residency, check their online application, correct any typographical errors on the application, approve the application, and then give them their student ID number;
    Step 3 – attend an orientation session;
    Step 4 – speak to a Financial Aid Advisor;
    Step 5 – take the Compass placement test, or schedule an appointment to take the placement test;
    Step 6 – speak to a College Advisor/or faculty member who will discuss and advise them on their (1st year) academic plan; pick out their classes and Quick Enroll them. Then the College Advisor/or faculty member will scan their academic plan into the computer and post it on the G drive for future use at registration. They will also provide the student with a copy of the suggested academic plan.
    Step 7 – proceed to payment;
    Step 8 – obtain a college ID; and be directed to the bookstore and UPass distribution.
    I believe, somewhere along the way, there will be a station that will help students to set up their email and assist them with Blackboard.
    Registration Steps for Returning Students. (I’m not 100% on the details, but here it goes.)
    Returning students will:
    Step 1 – obtain their student ID number, be checked for Holds (that prevent them from registering), and have their residency verified;
    Step 2 – speak to a Financial Aid Advisor;
    Step 3 – proceed to Self Serve registration (College Advisors/or faculty members will be on hand to discuss and advise them on their academic plan and to help them pick out their classes.)
    Step 4 – proceed to payment;
    Step 5 – update their college ID; and be directed to the bookstore and UPass distribution.
    Get some rest this weekend, you’ll need it!

    • Thanks for the update! You’re the best, Beast. We’ll soon find out if that’s what we have in store at HW.

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