Faculty Development Week 2.0 Predictions

Hey gang, we are days away from our return to work and I thought I’d borrow PhiloDave’s idea regarding predictions (his was for graduation, mine is for FDW).

So what do you tink is gonna give come Monday. I’ve read in my emails that the presidents will be available for lunch. How do you think that’s going to go OR have you already prepared your questions? Something about lunch with the chancellor too? Any thoughts?

What’s the chancellor gonna share with us this year? What about the board? Expecting any surprises?

I for one am waiting for the conjugal union of CCC and MS. The foreplay from last year’s DWFDW is behind us and now it appears that it will be official. BTW, if I read the last board report correctly, I thinks we will only be allowed to keep one year’s worth of emails. Don’t spread rumors now. I said I thought, not I know. I’m real curious how this electronic transition from Groupwise to Outlook will happen. Be protected and safe. Something may have to give.

Ok, enough from me. What do you all have to predict?

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