Polly Hoover’s Address to the Board – 8/4/11

In case you missed it. . .


FCCCC President’s Address

CCC Board of Trustee’s Meeting

Thursday, August 4th, 2011



Chancellor Hyman, members of the Board, Officers of the District, faculty, staff and all others present, good morning.


My name is Rosie Banks, and I will be reading Polly Hoover’s address to the Board of Trustees. Polly is out of the country and has asked me as the Harold Washington Faculty Council President to give this address.  Any comments or criticisms should be addressed to Polly.


Indeed, most faculty grab at this short window of opportunity between the end of the summer semester and the beginning of the fall session, this very week, to take a deep breath and to cut the technological tethers and to get out of town. I have graciously stepped in to represent FC4.


This is just a brief update. Coming in September, Polly will address in detail the idea of community and its ramifications for our community college students. Later in the fall, she will examine remediation challenges, initiatives to improve communications across the colleges and with District Office, the roles of Faculty Council both at the local and at the district levels, and the complexities of alignment with the Chicago Public Schools and with our four-year feeder institutions.


Until then, these issues are in the Faculty Council’s current playlist: we are in the process of scheduling a meeting with our new provost, Kojo Quartey, completing arrangements for Faculty Development week, and preparing for the Faculty Council retreat in mid-August. This is in addition to the work on course development and curriculum, on hiring new faculty, on establishing new committees, on advising for the new year and, in general, on anticipatory work for the new semester.


We have much to do and many things to consider; let’s all prepare for an instructive and collaborative partnership.


Respectfully submitted,

Polly Hoover via Rosie Banks,

President of FC4

One thought on “Polly Hoover’s Address to the Board – 8/4/11

  1. Thanks for the update writingisthinking.
    I agree with the part about “…the complexities of alignment with the Chicago Public …”
    Track E students begin classes this Monday, August 8th and the other CPS students begin Tuesday, September 6th. Our semester gets underway somewhere in between. This is my public information announcement.

    My concern is that CPS ends their regular school year in mid-June and we start our semester early June. We need to meet the needs of students that graduate and want to begin taking college courses sooner than later.
    Feel free to dissect the stats for yourselves:

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